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Britain // Female // Eurasian Wolf

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Britain // Female // Eurasian Wolf

Post by Britain on Wed Mar 16, 2016 9:48 pm



2 years

Prefers male gender

Eurasian Wolf

Britain was born in late winter into a small family of 2 other pups and just her mother. Her mother informed the young lupines of how their father died trying to protect his pregnant mate from hunters, earning a shot in the chest. Britain's mother and brother were later killed by humans when they accidentally wandered onto farmlands while trying to get food for the younger females, Britain and Kira. Kira is about a year old, born in a later litter with Britain's mother's latest mate, Prince. Prince however, after the death of Georgia, abandoned his daughter and step-daughter to fend for themselves. Britain now protects Kira with her life, and the two found Prince dead about a week later with a deadly wound in his side. Britain treats Kira like her daughter, due to being older and being her mother figure after their mother's death.

Britain's eyes are a pale blue and Kira's are moss green. Britain's pelt is a reddish brown, darker in some places and lighter in others. Kira, however, is much paler than her older sister. Due to having to protect Kira, quite often might I add, Britain is rather scarred. Her withers are slightly scratched, and there is just a bit of dried blood in her coat from previous fights in her sister's defense. Britain's tail is straight, and ends at the back of knees and her fur is thick, medium length. She stands at 33.6 inches and Kira is slightly smaller.

Protective, Instinctive, Cautious, Not to be described as friendly at first encounter
Kira, however, is Britain's polar opposite


Mother ll Georgia, Eurasian wolf

Father ll Unknown


Brother ll Soldier, male, Eurasian wolf

Half-Sister ll Kira, female, Eurasian wolf







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Re: Britain // Female // Eurasian Wolf

Post by Mossberg (now sheba) on Thu Mar 17, 2016 5:09 am

Accepted! Roleplay anywhere you'd like!
Mossberg (now sheba)
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