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▽ Yarrow | Male | Alaskan Noble Companion Dog ▽

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▽ Yarrow | Male | Alaskan Noble Companion Dog ▽

Post by Yarrow on Sun Mar 27, 2016 12:09 am

▽  Yarrow  ▽
4 years old
Prefers females
Alaskan Noble Companion Dog

▽  History  ▽
Sired from a very influential Tamaskan bloodline, Yarrow was born mid-April within a controlled environment in Ireland with qualified breeders, a married couple named Lynette and Paul. They trained Yarrow to become a part time therapy dog for their deaf 9-year-old daughter, Scotlyn. On top of that, they enter him into various competitions, such as: agility, obedience, tracking, mushing, and some Schutzhund events. They moved from Ireland to acquire a farm, where  he is a fantastic herding dog and maintains the animals during the day, while Lynette typically babysits and guides Scotlyn through homeschool. There is potential Yarrow might become the sire of future bloodlines the breeders will produce when he retires from competing, too.

▽  Appearance  ▽
His conformation is highly reminiscent of a lupine, with no actual wolf content present in his genetics. His height reaches several inches above 33" and he weighs 110 pounds, his anatomy lean and athletic with sturdy limbs, not stocky. Symmetrical light amber eyes are demanding and somewhat intimidating, marbled with darker variations of honey. His ears are slightly larger than the compact size of an Alaskan Malamutes'. His coarse pelt has thick seasonal underfur with substantial neck and cheek ruff that are maximized during wintry months; the pigment is almost void-black, only a patch of white on his chest and similar color frosting his chin offering some contrast.

▽  Traits  ▽
Aloof to strangers | Confident | Vigilant to new situations | Observant | Seldom a 'couch potato' | Not overly energetic | Robust temperament | Doesnt bestow loyalties easily.

There is a certain folksy eloquence which Yarrow speaks, his Irish accent betraying his origins in foreign lands. His voice is almost in a perpetual state of singsong sonance, his charming lilt lucidly apparent in his euphonious intonation. His voice is expressive, greatly influenced by the current mood held in conversation, and will broaden during instances of assertion, becoming incredibly gravelly, if you will.

▽  Family  ▽
Lynette | Woman | Owner/Breeder
Paul | Man | Owner/Breeder
Scotlyn | Girl | Daughter of Lynette and Paul
Noque | Father | Alaskan Noble Companion Dog (Brown Agouti)
Bella | Mother | Alaskan Noble Companion Dog (Black pinto)
{7 siblings that were adopted to different families}

Yarrow did have a love interest, a Rough Collie named Tikka, who was tragically trampled by a cattle stampede when her farmstead was attacked by a wolf pack. He is slowly accepting her passing, but he isn't currently open to finding another female just yet.

Main account: Sebastian.

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Re: ▽ Yarrow | Male | Alaskan Noble Companion Dog ▽

Post by Sheba on Sun Mar 27, 2016 8:31 am

Accepted! Yarrow sounds like quite the character so far

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