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||~Mossberg~|| ||~Female~|| ||~Himalayan Chamba Gaddi Dog~||

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||~Mossberg~|| ||~Female~|| ||~Himalayan Chamba Gaddi Dog~||

Post by Mossberg (now sheba) on Tue Mar 15, 2016 8:31 pm

This character has passed away. (Not me, no worries, Im now Sheba)
~1 year and 9 months old~
~Prefers males~
~Himalayan Chamba Gaddi Dog~

As a Pup, Mossberg was one of the only Himalayan Chamba Gaddi Dog's around. Her mother and father were brought in from india, Due to money loss. She was taken to america, Where she joined a gang at only 5 months old. When she was a year old, she became the leader due to her rarity and strength. She realized this is not how a dog is suppose to be treated, Constantly beaten, So she ran from the gang. She has been in and out of the gang, With a permenant ink stain on her left eye that looks like black eyeliner, Showing people she is the leader of the gang. She has been in and out of the gang since.

She has blue green eyes, With grass green rims. Her coat is different shades of brown, With white spots in some places. Her ear's flop down and curve to the shape of her face, Stopping at her jaw line. Her tail curls up, Resting on her back. Her build is very strong, And agile due to how skinny she is for how large she is. Her fur is long at her neck, Down her chest inbetween her front legs, Down the front of her front legs, and top of her ears. She weighs 99.7 pounds, And she is 31 Inches at shoulders. She has black ink eyeliner put there by humans to show she is the leader of a large gang.

Fearless, Ferocious, Agile, Swift, Helpful, Trustworthy, Not trusting, And Obedient.


Both of her parents are the same breed as her. Mother-Grace. Father-Bolt. Her mother is pure black, and her father is cocoa brown.

She has no siblings, That she knows of at least.



Mossberg (now sheba)
Mossberg (now sheba)

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