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Chandler // Male // Border Collie

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Chandler // Male // Border Collie Empty Chandler // Male // Border Collie

Post by Chandler on Sun Apr 03, 2016 1:06 pm



~~2 years 4 months~~

~~Prefers female gender~~

~~Border Collie~~


Born into a family of 4 other puppies, all female, Chandler was the odd one out, and stuck to his father. He grew up being treated more like an adult, due to being the largest and only male of his parents' final litter. His siblings were all bought before him, sent to loving families around the countryside, none very far. At 10 months old, Chandler was sold to a family 2 miles down the road. His new family owned 640 acres (1 square mile) of land, where they grow crops and raise live-stock. Chandler was then trained to guard the property, herd live-stock, and defend crops. When Chandler was approaching a year old, his humans brought home a female Australian shepherd by the name of Dylan. The two quickly grew close, soon producing a litter of 2 puppies, who the humans named Merle and Rosita. The two have always favored their father, for they see him more, while their mother is always roaming the country-side, having never been one to settle. However, this was also how Dylan met her end. She was roaming and was hit by a car, Chandler had witnessed it. Due to this, he has become distant, constantly seeming depressed, for this was only a month ago. Chandler's work hasn't changed however, he's as determined as always to get the job done. Chandler now raises his puppies alone, heart breaking every time he sees Rosita, because of her resemblance to Dylan. He babies her, and she hates it, because Merle teases her about being daddy's little princess and being unable to have the freedom he does.


Chandler has a thick, medium length white base coat with black on his face, a white streak breaking the solid black on his head, and black on his back, hind legs, and tail. The male's left eye is a dark chocolate brown, while the other is a bright baby blue. His ears are clipped where they bend over slightly. His tail is straight, ending at the canine's ankles, dragging along the ground sometimes. His coat is medium-length to long, and very soft, appearing slightly fluffed up. Chandler stands at 22 inches at the shoulder, and weighs 45 lbs.

Distant. Reliable. Determined. Depressed. Hard working. Protective. Instinctive.

Mother : Mary, female, border collie

Father : Hades, male, border collie

Siblings :
Rubix, female
Tara, female
Holly, female
Minx, female

Mate :
Dylan, female, Australian shepherd [deceased]

Crush :

Pups :
Merle, male, black and white border collie x australian shepherd
Rosita, red and white border collie x australian shepherd


Chandler is constantly roaming the property, his expression miserable. After the passing of his mate, he hasn't been the same. His humans have considered getting another dog, but they're still discussing how Chandler would react : would he push it away? Welcome it? Would he think they're trying to replace Dylan and get aggressive? All of these factors make them reluctant to bring another canine onto the property.


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Chandler // Male // Border Collie Empty Re: Chandler // Male // Border Collie

Post by Rayna on Sun Apr 03, 2016 2:56 pm

Accepted! Have fun roleplaying!

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