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Russet // Male // Mexican Wolf

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Russet // Male // Mexican Wolf Empty Russet // Male // Mexican Wolf

Post by Russet on Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:49 pm



2 years 6 months

Prefers female gender

Mexican Wolf

Russet was born into captivity in late spring. He and his brother, Kenai, were released later at a year old when they proved unwilling to cooperate with the scientists, though of course in order to do that they attacked a scientist. The two were beaten sometimes, resulting in ugly scars. The two brothers are nearly impossible to separate, and they try to stay as close as they can to each other. Though Kenai tends to tease his smaller brother, if someone was to threaten him they'd have to deal with him, and it's been like that since they could move on their own. They haven't seen their sisters or anyone related to them since they were a year old, so it's been a year and a half. Over time, both brothers have become reserved and refuse to socialize, though Kenai is more likely to speak to someone else than his brother.

His eyes are a dark honey brown, opposite of Kenai's pale green optics. Both brothers have identical coats with tan as the base coat, while their backs, tails, and the top of his head are a pale gray with tan mixed. Their legs lighten to a gray/white color towards the paws. Their ears were clipped to permanently prick upwards. Their tails are straight, going straight down from the origin. Both brothers have similar builds, muscular and large height-wise. They have medium length, slightly coarse coats. Both brothers are as large as a lupine gets, standing at 33.6 inches at the shoulders. Kenai weighs a total of 160 lbs, and Russet wighs 140 lbs total. Russet has scars decorating his flanks, the base of his neck, and his muzzle. Kenai has a horrible scar on his leg, and the beating affected a bone so he has a heavy limp. Kenai's withers are also slightly scarred. Russet got the worst of everything though, and was 'accidentally' burnt during testing. He has a patch of missing fur on his right foreleg that won't grow back in his life-time, and it reveals a burn mark on the skin. Russet left ear is chipped as well, and Kenai's right ear is chipped. Like both parents, Kenai's pelt is slightly darker than usual.

Russet is cautious, wary, territorial, and quick to judge
Kenai is his opposite, curious, slow to judge, fast to react, and not very territorial

Mother ~ Kora, Mexican wolf
Father ~ Asher, Mexican wolf

Sisters ~ Elaina, Lila, Sahara
Brothers ~ Kane, Kenai, Luther





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Russet // Male // Mexican Wolf Empty Re: Russet // Male // Mexican Wolf

Post by Mossberg (now sheba) on Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:56 pm

Accepted! Have fun Roleplaying!
Mossberg (now sheba)
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