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~Echo~Female~Russian Sheep Dog~

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~Echo~Female~Russian Sheep Dog~ Empty ~Echo~Female~Russian Sheep Dog~

Post by Echo on Wed Mar 16, 2016 8:32 pm

~Echo~Female~Russian Sheep Dog~ PyreneanMastiffBretonGrandeYGratoAustraliaannes06005
~Name~ Echo
~Gender~ Female
~two years and three months~
~Prefers males~
~Breed~ Russian Sheep dog

Echo was born to the proud parents Hercules and Anna in the middle of a hard winter, Echo was the youngest of her litter, and she was also the runt. Her parents were very protective because of this, making Echo embarrassed to play with other pups her age, she was often teased and bullied about her small size, some of the worst bullies bit and clawed her, giving her scars to this day. Echo's older sibling, Summer, starved to death in a harsh winter that followed Echo's first birthday, Echo was traumatized by this and was convinced it was all her fault. She thought that if she hadn't been born her sister wouldn't have given her meals to Echo, and would have hence lived to see another dawn. This was when Echo ran away. Echo remembers running from her family's den in the middle of the night, Her older brother, Bear, Followed her. When Echo found Bear following her, she urged him to go back, but Bear stayed. they have been living together ever since.

Echo has a long white base coat, she has grey splotches on her body and face, black freckles are lightly sprinkled upon her muzzle. her eyes are a neon green. her fluffy fur is somewhat matted. her left ear is floppy and her right ear stays up. She weighs 85 pounds, and she is about 22 inches in height at her shoulder. Her tail usually is held just above the ground, although occasionally dragging, her fur is fluffy and soft, She is slim and she has little muscle.

easily angered, sometimes depressed, kind, brave, sarcastic, trust worthy, not trusting, Sassy

Mother: Anna~Russian Sheep dog
Father: Hercules~Russian Sheep Dog

Summer: Female (deceased) Russian Sheep dog
Bear: Male Russian Sheep dog


Pups~ none

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~Echo~Female~Russian Sheep Dog~ Empty Re: ~Echo~Female~Russian Sheep Dog~

Post by Mossberg (now sheba) on Thu Mar 17, 2016 5:05 am

Accepted! Have fun roleplaying with us!
Mossberg (now sheba)
Mossberg (now sheba)

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